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Swimming in the Blue Pools

Every time we passed Glen Rosa Stables in the past I admired the lovely desk in the window.  How lucky we were to be able to experience staying here in the cottage, full of character, and actually sitting at the desk.

The Stables represents two of the best; Glen Rosa is such a beautiful part of the world and the cottage offers atmosphere and maximum comfort.

Just as Arran is an island of 2 1/2s the weather this week was one of 2 1/2s - the first half was cloudy and had 1 and a 1/2 days of rain, the second half provided us with sunshine.

We walked up Glen Rosa to the saddle and on other days of Goatfell, the coastal walk to Kings Cave from Sannox Bay to Lochranza and, for Russell, I swim in the Blue Pools. The sandwich shop at Lochranza is excellent (and busy) and we enjoyed a lovely drink in the Clachan Beach Bar.

Thanks you very much and we hope to sit at this desk once more in the future.

Russell, Leny and Alexander Morrison, June 24


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